Jennifer Henderson - Shadow Side of Strengths

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Jennifer Henderson is a marketing communication specialist with nearly 25 years experience in fine art, graphic design, marketing, public relations and brand development. Since founding J.O. in 1998, Henderson has focused on providing full-service marketing and public relations in a variety of industries and clients locally and internationally. Henderson is the founder of the nonprofit marketing agency, The Cause Agency and also co-owns and curates Gallery 440 in Fort Worth, TX. Her professional achievements include “40 Under 40” awarded by the Fort Worth Business Press in 2008, Great Women of Texas awarded by the Fort Worth Business Press in in 2014, Top Women to Watch in 2016 by the CEO Magazine, Texas Wesleyan University’s Alumni Service Award in 2012 and Distinguished Alumni Award in 2014, 2019 Near Southside, Inc’s Pioneering Endeavor Award and is an alumni scholar of the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses. Her firm is the recipient of more than 100 local to international professional awards. Currently, Henderson is chairman of the board for the Fort Worth Public Library Foundation and serves on the board of Near Southside Inc. She is also a founding member of the newly launched CreativeMornings Fort Worth. She graduated from Texas Wesleyan University with a BA degree and resides in Fort Worth. Less

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Jennifer Henderson

When I began using the Gallup StrengthsFinder personality testing, it became clear that we all have our own unique set of strengths. This series of “The Shadow Side of Strengths” became a true exploration of self. You see, with every strength there is a weakness. This series of 34 “shadows” brings to light the individual weaknesses we all have. With light comes shadows, and with positivity comes negativity. The bright color palette is deceptively playful. The simplicity of the illustrations is hauntingly real when we look into the true meaning of each trait.