- Stephens

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Image size: 11.5″ x 15.5″

Frame size: 23.875″ x 29.75″


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Stephens began painting in watercolor in May 2006 after retiring from a 33 year career in advertising. Ron is the Publicity Chairman of the Southwestern Watercolor Society, as well as the Shows Chairman of Irving Art Association. Ron likes to experiment and has recently started delving into acrylic. It’s quality of texture adds another dimension not found in straight watercolor. It allows him to play with different ways of applying the paint. That freedom creates a myriad of shapes, patterns and values that are different and exciting. He does not want to be put in a niche that would define a particular style. He feels that there are many areas that need to be explored to stay creative. Ron is an avid plein air painter. He likes the challenge of setting up, in less than ideal conditions, and painting the scene in front of him. Defining the scene in a sketch on the paper is somewhat easy, it’s the ever-changing lighting and weather conditions that is the challenge.