- Field (SOLD)

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Valley of the White River

Woodblock on moriki paper

Image size: 4″ x 12″

Frame size: 16″ x 12.25″



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Field was born in 1935 in Tulsa, Oklahoma and grew up in the metropolitan New York area. She earned a B.A. with honors in The Arts from Middlebury College which awarded her its Alumni Achievement Award in 1984 and an Honorary Doctor of Arts in 1991. She holds an M.A.T. degree from Wesleyan University where she studied printmaking with Russell T. Limbach. She taught high school art for seven years in public and private schools. Well known for her woodcuts, she uses the electronic medium of IRIS ink jet prints, collaborating with Jon Cone of Cone Editions in East Topsham, Vermont. She’s executed numerous commissions in other media such as stained glass and collage. Her favorite commissions remain the landscape designs for hot-air balloon envelopes. She is best known as the designer of the 1991 Vermont Bicentennial stamp.